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Paroles de Not this time

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Not this time, not this time

You told me that my love was all good for you
But when I'm not around theres always someone new
With all my trust and every little kiss
I cant believe you played me out like this
All my friends told me
I was not your only
Guess my heart was wrong again

Not this time, not this time

How could I be with someone like you
After all the things that you put me through
How could you lie looking straight in my eyes
Sorry baby NOT THIS TIME

The other night when I was out with my friends
And we were chillin' at the club when you walked in
Said you were staying home
Here you come and not alone
Tell me what the @#$& is going on
Baby what goes around, always comes back around
Shall be the one to bring you down!

Here I am, all alone
Wondering where it all went wrong
Guess my love was not enough for you to stay

Rap (Kiely):
Can't believe you did me wrong
Shouldve known so now im gone
All the things I did for you
All the things you put me through
Tellin' me you wanna stay with me
While all along you was playin' me
But all the games are gonna stop this time
It worked before but NOT THIS TIME

With all my trust, and every little kiss
I cant believe you played me out


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