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Paroles de In the mood

Interprétées par Alphaville

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He's in the mood to touch the fire,
He's in the mood to touch everything you are
He's in the mood to touch the fire,
Touch the fire, touch the fire

Jacky's locked in a silent dream
He's watching movies on the TV-screen
He feels unsteady lights a cigarette
He's getting mellow in his cabinet

Oh, Jacky, when everything goes wrong,
Get ready, for you've got to be so strong
It's so supersensual, sentimental
Dial that cipher in your tears,
The number to the golden year

You've got to touch the fire,
Wake up little boy
You've go to play with fire,
Wake up, you've got to...
You've got to play with fire...

Jacky hears it, is it her or not?
His eyes are burning
Cause the brain's too hot
He's sitting calmly on a swivel chair
There's something coming from the upper stairs

Now listen to me Jacky, you were always
So lonesome in that quiet lonely house
High on the hill,
Just come... come and meet me
You know where and we'll take a nice holiday
Back in the old, old days of happiness --

Oh, Jacky, when everything goes wrong...
Dial that cipher in your tears

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