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Paroles de Time beyond time

Interprétées par Ayreon

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Album : Into The Electric Castle (1998)
Music and Lyrics : Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Vocalists :

Futureman : Edward Reekers
Knight : Damian Wilson
Roman : Edwin Balogh

From the cities underseas
To the skyways in the east
From the stations on the moon
To the planet of Neptune
I'm a sophisticated man
And you would say I'd understand
Is it a virtual design?
Are we launched into a time beyond time
Space beyond space
We are lost here in this cyber world
Is there no way out?

I don't understand your words
They strike as hard as steel
I'm sworn to the sacred quest on the isle of Avalon
To retrieve the magic chalice
Which holds the power to heal
Only the pure of hearts are received into the realm

Just look around you now and tell me what you see
A world full of treachery
Skies of silver and seas of gold
The past in young and the future old
We're closed in by iron gates
Beyond them Elysium waits
Far away on the edge of the world in a time beyond time
Space beyond space
We are lost here in the underworld
Is there no way out?

From the birth cry of our race
To the mysteries of space
I'm and educated man
And you would say I'd understand

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