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Paroles de If It's Alright

Interprétées par Billy Crawford

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Look at you girl
Lookin'like the shorty I was with last right
in my dream
Now it seems like it's a really gonna be,
now that you're dancing with me
When you move,I'll be up on it
Cause you now I'm feelin'like,yo
I can see it in your eyes
Gotcha thighs on my thighs
And my hands on ya hips
Girl I want to see you bounce

Isee you checkin' me out
Maybe I can take you to my house,to the
bedroom...then I'll you come around
What's it gonna be,baby girl are you leaving
with me

Cause I can do
The things you like
So girl c'mon and spend the night
If it's alright girl,I'll hit it right
Tonight's ya night
If it's alright...if it's alright

Shakin' em down
You really make me wanna go
In my dream everthing I did
Made you give me every bit of your time
Time I let you know cause yo...I'm feelin' like what
You and me...meant to be...destiny
My fantasy's gonna be reality

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