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Paroles de What I Go To School For

Interprétées par Busted

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Her voice is echoed in my mind
i count the days til she is mine
cant tell my friends cos they will laugh
i love a member of the staff

i fight my way to the front of class
to get the best view of her ass
i drop a pencil on the floor
she bends down and shows me more...

thats what i go to school for
even though it is a real bore
you can call me crazy
i know that she craves me
thats what i go to school for
even though it is a real bore
girlfriends iv had plenty
none like miss mackenzie
thats what i go to school for
thats what i go to school for

so she may be thirty three
but that doesnt bother me
her boyfriends working out of town
i find a reason to go round

i climb a tree outside her home
to make sure she is all alone
i see her in her underwear
i cant help but stop and stare

everyone that u teach allday knows ur lookin at me in a different way,
i guess thats why my marks r gettin so high
i can see those telltale signs tellin me that i was on ur mind
i cud see that u want it more when u told me that im what u go to school for, im what u go to
school for

shes packed her bags its in the trunk
looks like shes picked herself a hunk
we drive past school to say goodbye
my friends they cant believe their eyes...

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