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Paroles de Our lady of San Francisco

Interprétées par Cher

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I met a woman in San Francisco
who was lyin' in the street
I walked on past her in a hurry
I didn't want her at my feet
Am I just numb or over-loaded
Or have I lost all sense of worth
This lady begin' for survival
doomed by a twist of fate from birth
I met this woman in San Francisco
She only had one shoe
Have we all gone cazy - how can this happen
Is there nothin' we can do
I don't believe that for a f xxxxx' minute
No system's comin' to her rescue
While she lay crying I felt helpless
Where are these cracks that she fell through
The times we live in have less value
then Bob Dole's useless arm
There are no fires burning brightly
What's even worse there's no alarm
I met this lady in San Francisco
She was dyin' at my feet
People passed her like she was nothin'
less than garbage in the street
The times we live in must have value
We can't all turn away
'Cos that woman who had nothin'
might be me or you
some day
some day
some day
some day

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