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Paroles de Stay another day

Interprétées par Girl Aloud

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(stay now)
baby if you've got to go away
I don't think
I can take the pain
won't you stay another day
oh don't leave me alone like this
don't say it's the final kiss
won't you stay another day

don't you know
we've come too far now
just to go
and try to throw il all away
thought I heard you say
you love me
that your love was gonna be here to stay
I've only just begun
to know you
all I can say is
won't you stay just one more day


I touche your face white you are sleeping
and hold you hand
don't understand what's going on
good times we had return
to haunt me
though it's for you
all that I do seems to be wrong

(chorus 4 fois)

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