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Paroles de Crash world

Interprétées par Hilary Duff

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That was you and me
Started out so innocently
Shattered on the ground
I hear the sound
Ringing in my ears
I still feel the sting of my tears
Someone wake me
I can't seem to break free

Go on
Get out of my head
I'm on the wrong side of a parallel universe
Am I alive or just dead
I've been somewhere in the dark
Living in a crash world

Don't say one more word
At this point the truth seems observed
Cut to the word
If gone forever

Underneath the fears
Everything's so twisted and weird
Someone save me
I can't seem to break free

{au Refrain}

Crash world, yeah yeah

Slow motion
Should'n seen it
But I couldn't do nothing
Someone save me
I can't seem to break free

{au Refrain, x2}

Say twice crash world, yeah, yeah

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