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Paroles de Piggybank

Interprétées par Kmfdm

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Hopelessly retarded
Spluttering decay
Crying out the lament every night and every day

Hiding in the twilight
X-ray shades
Suffering from constipation, tripping out in space

I've been recoiled into stone age
Covetous a dream
Obnoxious and depraved, waking up in a scream

Sleeping in the morgue
A weird effect on me
Think I lost my consciousness, left reality

My inner circle's helter skelter, echoes lovin' ecstasy
I know I'll find a way to live, a way for you and me

Totally addicted under detrimental spell
And if I had a shotgun, I'd blow myself to hell
Let me be your piggybank for nothing but your smell
If I had a shotgun, I'd blow myself to hell

Squalid and deranged
I'm the outlaw of the kin
Will never be the same again, stuck in deadly sin

I slouch along the street
Instead of struttin' down the block
I still did not recover from that stunnin' cold shock

Away from phony people
Besides the way of life
I won't be blamed for loving you, I'll take you - be my wife

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