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Paroles de Rock Star

Interprétées par Leslie Berhaut

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still waiting
that somebody tighteen you the hand
but time passes
and you are still alone
and realised you
that its goals should be achieven is even

refrain:when i was born
i didn't have anything
but i managed all alone
without anybody by my side
i forget myself a character
i had the will
and i reached that point
has to become a rock star

i grew with up the horses
i tamed them, it tamed me
between them and me a complicity was born
i have to wipe the failure on their back
but together persevered
and we obtenaid ours had


and even if today
i'm a rock sar
but, i know who i am
and it is the most important
can be that of different sing better than me
but it was my destiny
(this is me..then)

(refrain x4)

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