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Paroles de Ski-ming

Interprétées par Majandra Delfino

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I guess my plan in the beginning.
Was to 1st find out the inning
Then to crawl beneath your protective shell and lure you my singing.
I would find out what you do then I'd use it all against you by working for the good of making
loving me the thing to do.
I play it like I'm distant and never reallylistening. I talk of leaving your life right after
we've been reminiscing.

R: So all along there is a game and sometimes I am winning
but only because I am manipulative, devious and sinning.
I do all that I can to get you in the palm of my hand.
Baby whats pathetic is the tactics used to tame this man.

One minute you are cold as Ice
the next you are really really nice
Could it be you're playing me or could you just be indecisive.
But how you come when called Is it my scheming drawl
Or is it the mystery I've built up thatcan't be called on.
You can't explain it I see you try and taint it, but you appear where I am but can't admit that is related


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