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Paroles de Boy I Need You

Interprétées par Mariah Carey

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i can't help it
when i'm not around you(boy)
cause all i ever seem to
do is drift away
in dreams about you
cause when i'm without you(boy)
it always seems like
part of me is missing baby

sometimes i don't call
like i don't care at all
but secretly,you're the only thing
that lifts me up
and makes me smile
when i'm unhappy
all you gotta do is call
and suddenly things don't really
seem so bad at all

(boy)i need you
(boy)adore you(boy)
gotta have you(oh boy)
i wanna feel your touch
this ain't no little crush
so come and get my love
baby anything you want
feeling you(boy)
fiending for you(boy)
just waiting on you(boy)
when i see you(boy)
i'm gonna wrap you up
inside my love
and never let you go boy
never let you go boy

my heart races when
my motorole beeps
or my cell rings
i just make a wish and if it's you
my whole day changes
cause when i know
you're thinking of me(boy)
heaven knows
suddenly it's not so dismal baby



you...(uh huh,uh huh)
i wanna feel your touch...(why wouldn't you)
so come and get my love(show me where it's at-now sing)
you...(uh huh,uh huh)
i'm gonna wrap you up(wrap me up)
and never let you go boy
never let you go boy(never let me go,girl)

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