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Paroles de Bye bye baby(anglais)

Interprétées par Marilyn Monroe

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I'll be in my room alone
Every post meridian
And I'll read my diary
And that book by Mister Gideon

Bye, bye, baby
Remember you're my baby
When they give you the eye,
And just to show that I care
I will write and declare
That I'm on the loose
But I'm still on the square

I've been lonely
But even though I'm lonely
There'll be no other guy
Though I'll be gone for a while
I know that I'll be smiling
With my baby by and by
With my baby by and by

I'll be gloomy
But send that rainbow to me
Then my shadows will fly
Though you'll be gone fo a while
I know that I'll be smiling
with my baby by and by

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