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Paroles de Goin’ trough our mom’s stuff

Interprétées par Mary-Kate And Ashley

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Goin' through our mom's stuff, havin' lots of fun
Goin' through our mom's stuff, it's a trip to sift through
Tryin' on some costumes, thinkin' 'bout the times
Tryin' on some costumes, what a really good time
What's here? Look and see!
It's got to be the 60's.

In the 60's, there were hippies in the park
Peace and love and happiness
And psychedelic art
In the 60's, they wore tie-dyed shirts and beads
And let us not forget go-go girls dancing to the beat
And the Beach Boys were #1 on the beach!!!!!!!!


What's next? Look and see!
It's got to be the 70's

Disco is the look for me
Disco, from the seventies (Seventies!)
Disco, was a trend back then
Disco, well it's back again
(Boogie, woogie, yeah!)


What's next, look and see!
It's got to be the 80's

Go Ashley, you're so cute, dressed like 1982, go Ashley, go Ashley!
Hey girls, give me a hand, we could start an 80's band!
Come join me! Come join me!

Goin' through our mom's stuff was a total blast
Sifting through the costumes of our mother's past
Goin' through our mom's stuff was a ton of fun
But now we've got to clean it up, before she comes home

That was fun!

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