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Paroles de A funny place (the world is)

Interprétées par Mitsou

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(Ivan Doroschuk)

I wasn't quite sure
And heaven above wasn't telling me
I was in love
With heaven on earth
(Was happening right here beside me)
I never knew
What it was worth

It wasn't a dream
I really heard laughter
I really saw angels
And then I saw me
And somebody spoke
And all of a sudden my heartbeat confided
It wasn't a joke
(Oh no!)

Ho, Ho the world is a funny place
Ha, Ha it's calling you names
Hey, Hey, the world is a funny place
It's a funny place (bay-bee)
It's a funny place, babe
It's a funny place...

So what can I do ?
I'm living inside of a moment
Where everything is turning into
Some kind of a game
Where PEACE is a good word and LOVE's
ever lasting
So what can I say ?


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