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Paroles de I'm in love

Interprétées par Natasha St-Pier

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I can't explain
Why when it rains
Here I go again
I'm falling in love
But this time is the right time

Once you believe
Take it from me
Dreams I meant to be
The distance between us
It's closer
You're closer

I'm in love
I feel like I am falling from the sky
No matter what I do or how I try
There's no way it's delayed
I'm in love
A symphony is playing from above
And everything I do is all because
I love you, it's so true
I'm in love with you


Some of my heart
Wish we could be on a star
That's who you are
To me or my only
I need you babe
I want you

I'm in love
An angel must have kissed me from above
And you're my soul
My world
You're everything
I know so
Let it shore
I'm in love with you
I'm in love


Everlasting in love
Ooh aah as long as
I'm with you

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