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Paroles de Band On The Run

Interprétées par Paul Mc Cartney

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Stuck inside these four walls

Sent inside forever.
Never seeing noone nice again like you.

If I ever get out of here

Thought of giving it all away
To a registered charity

All I need is a pint a day
If I ever get out of here.
If we ever get out of here.

the rain exploded with a mighty crash
As we fell into sun.
And the first one said to the second on there:
I hope you're having fun.
Band on the run
band on the run

And the jailer man and the sailor .Sam
Were searching ev'ryone
For the band on the run

Band on the run

Band on the run

Band on the run.

Well the undertaker drew a heavy sigh
Seeing noone else had come.
And a bell was ringing in the village sqare
For the rabbits on the run.

Band on the run

The night was falling
As the desert world began to settle down.
In the town they're searchin' more as everywhere
But we never will be found.

Band on the run
Band on the run

And the country judge who held a grudge
Will search for ever more.
For the band on the run

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