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Paroles de Slow news day

Interprétées par Terri Clark

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How many times a pop star
Can go under the knife
Seems to be the conversation making rounds tonight
And standing at the bar two friends are looking for a fight
Over what the Bible says is wrong or right

When someone made a movie about Jesus on the cross
A journalism war of what is truth and what is not
Was all that they could talk about everyday for weeks
And do you think that's how he wanted it to be

Lately I pray for a slow news day
'Cause everything good not ba enough for the front page
For every ten we lose we only hear of one that's saved
Sometimes I wanna hide away the rain
For a slow news day

People are still good that I always will belive
But these it feels like everyone could use a little peace
Living in a world that filled with fear and worry
It might be time for us to hear a different story

Chorus, music

When I wake up I don't wanns see
Those headlines on the TV screen


A slow news day

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