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Paroles de Once again

Interprétées par Upa Dance

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Once Again

Hey, tell me what is wrong
Why you act a fool
Spreading rumors
'bout me when you know that ain't cool
Why don't you step to me
Instead of running round
Spreading rumors
'bout me like you know what's going on

[Refrain 1]
Supposed to be my friend
I was counting on you
Don't act like you don't have a clue

[Refrain 2]
And once again, you showed me no respect
Cause what you did, I know I won't forget
So please don't come here n' knocking on my door
Cause your best friend ain't living here no more

You don't seem to realize
Don't care you do me wrong
So don't you count on me
Cause the next time I'll be gone
So don't apologize
Please spare me your excuse
It's time to underline
I'm not reaching for a trucks

[Refrain 1]

[Refrain 2] (x2)

[Refrain 3] (x3)
You smiled in my face
Talked crap behind my back
Who spreading all the rumors
Who telling all the lies
The one that used to be my friend
But you let me down again and again

[Refrain 1]

[Refrain 2] (x2)

[Refrain 3] (x2)

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