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Paroles de Reject

Interprétées par Watts

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And every day you look me up
And I look down
It's just begun when you say go
I will come
Survival counts my weakness costs
Constant cutting constant loss
And every time I turn around
I say get up
And you go down
I used to know I used to feel
I could believe in something real
That you reject
And every day it all comes down
To just one sweet hit
The hook the whore
You know the score
Cause we've heard it all before
This concert hall of reeking smells
Slips inside where suffering dwells
The same old haunting notes that sell
Cause in your dreams
You're judged in hell
I used to know I used to feel
I could believe in something real
Now I am sold as the fists
Fall each time every step
Leads to the crime I'm not the cause
Nor effect just on excuse
That you reject
Every word I said
Scarred into my head
Every thing I try
Each broken bloody lie
My hatred's sharpened knife
Each brokeb burning bloody lie
Broken Lie
Broken Life

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