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Paroles de Keep It Real

Interprétées par 112

We'd like to do another song for you
Is that alright? (Yes, yes baby)
Is that alright? (Yes)
Now this song is written for Puff
In dedication, just letting him know
That we really appreaciate all he's done
So Puff this is for you man
Continue keeping it real

You just don't know
The way you make us feel
Through your work and through your vision
So young, Black, and gifted, oh
Mary J.'s love was real
Notorious B.I.G., B.I.G.
Craig Mack's the brand new flava
And Jodeci, forever my lady, oh

Ooh yeah baby, 112 sing
They just don't know
That it pays to keep it real
When the world is being shifted
>From being young, black, and gifted
They say it's hard to sing as we feel
People changing like the seasons
With our reasons, people try to keep it real
Hm, hm, hm
Gotta keep it real

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