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Paroles de I'm gonna make you miss me

Interprétées par 3 LW

Everyday I see you with some girlfriend, yeah
You think i dont care much about it
I cant keep it secret, keep playin pretend
By the way I feel you I doubt it
No more waiting, hesitating, it's guaranteed

Im gonna make you miss me
Youre gonna want to kiss me
Im gonna make you miss me
All of the time
Boy you're gonna get with me
You know you cant resist me
Im gonna make you miss me
'Till you are mine
(Check it out)

Youre about to find out
I get what I want
Once I've made up my mind
Gonna let you see me turing it on
That'll make you open your eyes, your eyes
You'll be callin
You'll be falling


You're gonna know something's up
I'll show you how I can love you
I'll turn it on (I'll turn it on)
Then I'll be gone (Then I'll be gone)
But only 'till you come through
Im gonna wait till you do

I'm gonna make you love me baby
I wanna hear you call my name
Not gonna stop until you say it


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