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Paroles de Are you that somebody?

Interprétées par Aaliyah


What? Y'all know



(I know what you thinkin')

Danger rhymes

(real mc's can rip open anything)

East end

West end

Yo, now since this is what you stick wit'

What cha got

Rip it out

Off tha block

Hit it out

On tha real sip it out

Don't stoppin this drop

Ya gotta rip it out

I got you

I got you to hot to spit it out

Face facts

How y'all rate that

see a brother wit Aaliyah betcha y'all hate that

Where tha bass at?

Y'all find a wack sound, then I gotcha niggas singin' away in tha

Who tha mack now?

No time is set

What, y'all thinkin that I'm broke cuz' you see in tha parkin

Naw, that don't stack right

Y'all betta act right

I hit chicks like catfights

Now 1st pack ice

while you workin at Soul Train makin sure tha show wit righ,righ

Give that for tha hype hits

I rip this shit

Now I'm tha rap shit

3rd rap

Yo, cuz' its all about kickin balls

Givin' ya mine and a letta gettin lost

I be hittin y'all off

My click will never fall off

We can get it now

while folks be lickin tha balls

chicks be kickin tha draws

gettin bit in tha balls

My flow is so much quicker than y'alls

My joint is so much bigga than Y'alls

So bring on tha draws

while we can kick it in tha stalls

I'll wrap up on tha floss

Show my dick and all

through tha hump up in you

I'mma call it lost

U betta call tha law

could of got shotguns that i saw at tha mall

and my 9 would of played it in a cropit mall

My crew got juice like Marly Mal

This hot F y'all gonna fall

Boggie wha?

If I, if I let this go

You can’t tell nobodyI'm talking bout nobody

Are you responsible

Boy I gotta watch my back

cause im not just anybody

Is it my go, is it your go

Sometimes I'm goody-goody

Right now I'm naughty naughty

Say yes or say no

Cause I really need somebody

Tell me YOU'RE that somebody

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