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Paroles de Never Comin Back

Interprétées par Aaliyah

How Yall Doin Out There Tonight?
Yes, I Love You Too.
I Just Wanna Talk To The Ladies Tonight.
For All You Ladies, That Done Had Your Heart Broken,
I Done Had My Heart Broken To, So I Can Relate, Ya Know.
So If Its OK Wit You, Im Just Gonna Break It Down For The Fellas,
That Dont Know That They Cant Just Break A Womens Heart.
Alright? So Check It Out.

I Gave You All Of My Love..... All To You.
And You Dont Appreciate The Things That I Do.
I Gave You All Of My Time..... Cause You Blew My Mind.
I Let You Do Me Wrong, Cause Love Had Me So Blind.

Why You Hurt Me?(Echo)
Why You Hurting Me So Bad?
Gave You My Time, You Played With My Mind.
Why You Wanna Make Me Sad?

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