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Paroles de Little lover

Interprétées par Ac/dc

I saw you in the front row moving to the beat
Just movin' and grooving
Killed me when I saw the wet patch on your seat
Was it Coca-Cola ?
Ooh, baby, I hope you liked the show
When the band said goodnight, I had to say hello

Refrain : Little lover, I can't get you off my mind, no
Little lover, I've been trying hard to find
Someone like you

Ooh, baby, you sure look sweet, cruisin'
A leg either side of my motorcycle seat, just oozin'
Could have been a nightmare
Could have been a dream
But on the way home baby
I thought I heard you scream


You had my picture on your bedroom wall
Next to Gary Glitter
I was standin' on the stage playin' rock'n'roll
I was a guitar picker, yeah
Never had a record, never had a hit
Ooh, baby, you didn't mind a bit


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