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Paroles de Cult status

Interprétées par Afi

I'll turn you on and switch you right off.
I'll make sure you like what you see.
Forget all that you once believed.
Now you will believe in me.
Do you believe you make the choice, decide what you hold most dear?
In all opinions that you voice, it's my voice that they all hear.
I'll take you ideas and your values, I'll make you turn them all around.
I'll break your individuality, I'll take you down.
I'll seal shut your open eyes.
I'll give you a taste on the bland.
Intoxicate you, take me in.
You'll never feel the touch of my hand.
I'll turn you on and switch you right off.
I'll soothe your troubled mind.
You'll never have to think again, it's just a matter of lost time.

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