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Paroles de I do

Interprétées par Anastacia

Who are they anyway
With their sticks and stones ?
Don't they know that we know ?
There's a chill with in their bones
They blame and they name
Make us feel so cold inside
But they cannot take us there cause we will fight

I think the world's gone crazy (4)

Who wants a love without anger and rage ?
I do
Who wants a world where a kid can be safe ?
I do
Who awnts to pray for the end of the pain
For the calm at the end of the day
Where there's not always more of the same ?
I do

Wanna breathe
Wanna move
And not ever feel afraid
Wanna live in a place
Where the truth still finds a way
To rise and advise
And when everything is lies you break
Cause tehre's nowhere you can run and still feel safe

I think the world's gone crazy(4)


I won't be a part of something so obscene
I think I'm falling
But I won't be falling


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