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Paroles de Nobody's Wife

Interprétées par Anouk


I'm sorry for the times that I made you scream
For the times that I killed your dreams
For the times that I made your whole world rumble

For the times that I made you cry
For the times that I told you lies
For the times that I watched and let you stumble

It's too bad, but that's me
What goes around comes around, and you'll see
That I can carry the burden of pain
'cause it ain't the first time that a man goes insane
And when I spread my wings to embrace him for life
I'm sucking out his love, 'cause I, I'll never be nobody's wife

I'm sorry for the times that I didn't come home
Left you lyin' in that bed alone
Was flying' high in the sky when you needed my shoulder

You're like a stone hanging around my neck, see
Cut it loose before it breaks my back, see
I've gotta say what I feel before I grow older

I'm sorry but I ain't gonna change my ways
You know I've tried but I'm still the same
I've got to do it my way

[repeat chorus]


[repeat chorus]

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