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Paroles de What kind of love are you on

Interprétées par Armageddon


You say one thing then you do another
You got it all wrong so you blame it on your mother
You're kickin' the dog, don't you kick at the cat
You know it ain't cool, but ya like it like that

Everybody's talkin' 'bout what it is what it ain't
Kiss on the devil and ya piss off a saint
Well I can't do love if you don't have to crawl
You say you don't need nothin' but you got to have it all

I wanna know
What kind of love are you on?

Jelly Roll Jane rollin' on the rug
Tokin' on her lover like a brand new drug
Do the same thing every damn day
Do the same thing do the same thing
Never seem to get enough

I wanna know
What kind of love are you on?
I've got to know
What kind of love are you on?

When Jack took Jill up that hill
She charged his ass a quarter
Well, he flipped his lid, 'cause what she did
Aw, she shouldn't hadn't bothered

Rockin' in the cradle with a high school vamp
Screamin' at a honey like an old true tramp
Up, down, sideways, goin' in and outta things
Everybody ask me why you kiss me 'cause it make me cry


I wanna know
What kind of love are you on?

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