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Paroles de It's Only Mystery

Interprétées par Arthur Simms

Composé par Corine Marienneau, Louis Bertignac & Eric Serra
Interprété par Arthur Simms

How can I keep on smiling at their disguises?
When I know nothing good ever comes from lies
My heart is no beginner
But still, I can lose my temper, yea

How can we keep on watching that fucking TV?
We're so bored, we don't even care what we see
Takes our strengh away and never
Never show us the away, no

But I think I know the answer

It's only mystery and I like it...

How I can the banks of a river meet?
Sitting on her bed starring at her feet
She thinks life is water and love
Love is a river, yea

But is a child the answer?

It's only mystery and I like it...

We could dream of a grand evolution
Where we would nott ask anymore questions
There would be no moe
No more pretenders, yea

Use the love that I offer
Dreaming's not the answer

It's only mystery and I like it...

Don't know nothing but I do know that it's a mystery...

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