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Paroles de Walking On The Water

Interprétées par Atomic Kitten

When you hear me calling
You always come around
And if I'm lost and falling
I know I will be found
Whatever I am thinking
you always seem to know
Nobody else can do this
It makes me love you so

I'm walking on the water and my head's on fire
I'm flying like a bird but I can't get high
Nothing I can do, nothing I can say
Will ever be the same in any other way
Talking like a stranger like I'm someone else
I need to turn around and recognise myself
Baby you're the one, I can't let go, you take me to the
places that I need to know

And when I'm cold & crying
Breaking up inside
You're the voice of reason
That helps restore my pride
And every moment with you just
Gets better than the last
Promise not to leave me
Never let this feeling pass

Repeat chorus

Together we're stronger baby
Standing tall through the years
You're me emotional rescue baby
And you need to know, I love you so, for always

Repeat chorus X3

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