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Paroles de One Kiss

Interprétées par B2k

She was so sincere
The way she grabbed my hand
And introduced herself
Like no one else has done before
And I can't lie
I was hypnotized
By the smile, and the talk and the sound of the walk
And when she tried to kiss me
I just stopped
And said to myself this can't be real
Light to my mind but my heart it could
Could feel something was wrong
Don't worry (that's what she said)
Now I
Look back on the night
I remember the things
That made me call at night
And to think I portrayed me for one kiss

One kiss for all my trust
One kiss for all my love
One kiss cause me to break
One kiss
I just hate it
One kiss
One kiss
One kiss
That's where I started feeling
One kiss felt so good
But I shoulda had that kissed

I was so far gone
She could do no wrong
Until I caught her in the act
Now I get it all
How could I not see
That eventually she would break my heart
Where did it all start
It started with a little bitty kiss


A one step for kissing quietly
How could I be so blinded
Shoulda read
I made it easy
But I won't let my heart get break
It was all lesson learned
And the lesson learned was taught to me by one kiss


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