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Paroles de This Is For The Lover In You

Interprétées par Babyface

Oh, check it, oh
Oh, oh, word is bond, oh
Born, God, check it out, oh, oh
Word up son, keep still baby, yeah

I will love you any way baby
Anyway and every way I can
Cuz I'm that kinda man, yeah
I will give you everything baby
Give you more than any girl can stand
I'm gonna love you baby, baby, baby

I'm talkin' 'bout making love in the shower at least a hour
And let you dangle in my arms cuz love is power
Can you feel it?
Sky's the limit once you reveal it
Your heart was wounded, God sent me to heal it
I'm on a mission
Ain't no stress love, touch it with precision
Just undress love, I know the right position
Come on trust me girl
Throw this rock up on your hand, I'll give you the world
Hey yo, Face, on the real, was the honey lookin' laced?

Ooh baby, baby, baby

[Jody Watley]
1 - This is for the lover in you
This ring means I'll always be true
This is how we'll start love anew
This time's gonna last forever

I will love you all the way baby
Girl that means this love will never end
I'll be your lover and your friend
I'll take you anywhere baby
Just say when and girl I'll take you there
I'm gonna take you baby, baby, baby

We're going from Tahiti to France to Italy in one night
Drop top Bentley Coupe parked in the spotlight
And you can drive it laced in all white
I'm wearing triple black, our gear's Top Flight
Trips to Venice, the man of steel when I'm in this
A match made in heaven when we blend this
Lovers everlasting in other words endless
To love any other man would be senseless
Hey yo, Face, on the real was the honey looking laced?

Ooh baby, baby, baby

Repeat 1

Ladies and gentlemen, Howard Hewett, blaze it

I can say I never met a girl, no, no
Who satisfied my mental and my physical thing
When I lay me down to sleep
I rest assured with the thought that you are right
Right next to me

Repeat 1

Ya know what I'm saying baby?
Word is bond, I'm feelin' it
No doubt about it, ya know what I mean?
Oh, looking hot girl, yeah
Yeah I'm feeling you boo, you know what I'm sayin'?
I swear, there's alot a things I wanna do to you
But first ya gotta take this ring
Drop it

Say oh, so much love between us
I'll be the one to come running
Oh yes I will girl
I'll come running home to you now
You hear me saying hey
With a woman like you
No need to play around
No your more than just one woman
You're blowing my mind with the love that your giving
I wanna hear you say it,
Girl just say it, girl every day

It's for the lover in you, baby
With this ring I'll show you there ain't no maybe
It's for the lover in you baby
Oh this time's gonna last forever

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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