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Paroles de Mighty woman

Interprétées par Babylon Circus


Oh, mighty woman
Don’t let dem put you down
I got a friend, he’s a musician
Singing songs of freedom
Him says he’s a rastaman
Against discrimination
Cryin out fi peace, all around the world
Chanting justice with beautiful words
Yes, but his woman stays at home
And looks after the children
Di woman is alone,
Tell me why she’s never complaining

Refrain :
Mighty woman, Mighty woman
Ya must be strong
To make it today
Don’t care, no, don’t care no man
Don’t care what they say
Oh! Mighty woman
Don’t let dem put you down

She says :
How shall I work it out
I got so much thing to worry about
I ain’t got no time for myself
No time fi live to life
Cooking, cooking, cooking,
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,
All the day
Woman goes to get her son at the police station
Woman get worried
Policeman says : a mother should care ‘bout her children
Woman a-go tired
So many sacrifices to face tribulations
And don’t wait fi any recognition
Woman don’t let dem make your life a prison
I say : don’t you let dem put you down


Oh, me good friend, oh my brother
You’re chanting Rastafar I
You say we’re all living together
Under the protection of the most high
You say we should all live in harmony
But ya can’t even do it with your own family
Hey man, there is war, war in you kitchen
Ya’d better watch what watch what you’re doin’
War, war in the kitchen
Now you should stop, stop and think a little, man
War, war in the kitchen …

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