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Paroles de I wanna be with you

Interprétées par Backstreet boys

Refrain :
I wanna be with you
It's crazy but it's true
And everything I do
I wanna be with you

I'd like to know your policy
When it comes to me
Like to know what's in your mind
It's easy to see
I know now what I feel
And what to do
I wanna be with you

Pre- refrain :
And I'll be waiting
Until you face the truth
When the light is fadin'
You know what I wanna do

Refrain : +
Yeah everybody say
Yeah, see you once again
Yeah, everybody swing (X2)

Wish you'd come and set me free
So that I can see
All the things I've left behind
What's missin' in me
I'm looking for a sign
In the things you do
I wanna be with you

Pre- refrain :

Chorus 1+ to fade

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