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Paroles de That's the way I like it

Interprétées par Backstreet boys

That's the way I like it
Somebody told me
That you're not my kind
Somehow I lost my mind
You keep on doing all the things I like
You got me hypnotized
But that's the way I like it

Girl you make me wanna move
It's a prize I've gotta pay
For all the things you do
But I like it

Pre- Refrain
Gotta listen to the groove
And you gotta listen well
The way I do it
That's the way I like it

Refrain :
Everybody now (I like it)
Everybody now,
(That's the way I like it(
Everybody come on (I like it)
Everybody come on
(That's the way I like it)

Oh mystery lady you've got something I like
Tell me you're here to stay
You're dangerous,
So baby got to do me right
Will you come out to play
'cause that's the way I like it

Pre- refrain + Refrain

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