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Paroles de That's what she said

Interprétées par Backstreet boys

There are people
That say what you wanna hear
Even on a raint day
The´ll tell you the sky is clear
When you really really love someone
Am I right when you say
That you want them near?
And if you can´t even tell them Things that they wanna hear.

Refrain :
Always, forever,
All the things she said.
Never say never,
Those simple lies that she made
I will never leave you
All the love I though she had
But can you blame me no, mmm Cause that´what she said.

That´s what she said
She told me we´d see forever
That´s what she said she said yeah.
There are people
That say what they really mean,
She said she´d always be there
She said she´d always care
But just when you think
That you can trust
That someone, in love.
Tell me why do you know
How stars can fall from above.


That´s what she said,
She told me we´d see forever.
That´s what she said,
She told me we´d be together.
That´s what she said,
She said yeah.

Cause you made promises,
That you coulden´t keep
But you´re not hurting yourself You´re only hurting me
Why would you say things
That you really diden´t mean
Oh how can I make you see,
Just a what you did to me?
Oh, oh, you said how much
You really cared.
Just when I though I was in love, Girl how could you live
If I were you I could not lie even once
To the face of the one I love so much


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