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Paroles de Yes I will

Interprétées par Backstreet boys

I open my eyes, I see your face
I cannot hide, I can’t erase
The way you make me feel inside
You complete me girl, that’s why
Something about you makes me feel
Baby my heart wants to reveal
I’m down on my knees, I’m asking you
Say these three words
I wanna hear from you

Yes I will
Take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, Say these three words that promise to
Yes I will,
Give you everything you need and someday start a family with you
Oh yeah, yes I will

This is no ordinary love
And I can never have enough
Of all the things you’ve given to me
You’re my heart, my soul, my everything
Every night I thank you Lord
For giving me the strength to love her
More and more each day
I promise her as long as
I hear those three words


I stand beside you in everything you do
Wherever you go, whatever you do
Baby, I’ll be there
As God is my witness,
I will carry this through
Til death do us part, I promise to you


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