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Paroles de Goin' on

Interprétées par Beach Boys

Oooooo goin' on

When in the morning I must arise
I look in the mirror it couldn't be clearer
Something is gone from my eyes

Goin' on (goin' on) goin' on

I know what is missing
(Doo doo doo)
Cause since you've been gone
(Doo doo doo)
My mind keeps on reelin'
(My mind keeps on reelin')
My heart keeps on feelin'
(My heart keeps on feelin')
Why is my love goin' on
Goin' on (goin' on) goin' on (goin' on)

I love you
I miss you
Things won't be the same 'til I kiss you
I'm empty
Without you
My heart's full with my arms about you

We said it was over
(Doo doo doo)
We're living apart
(Doo doo doo)
We couldn't quite make it
(We couldn't quite make it)
But still I can't shake it
(But still I can't shake it)
Our love still lives on in my heart
(In my heart)
Goin' on (goin' on) goin' on

I'll love you
Love won't be the same again ever
(Same again ever)
Without you
(Without you)
I'm longing
(I'm longing)
You gave me a sense of belonging

Goin' on

Dit dit
Dit doo
Dit dit
Dit doo

Why is my love goin' on
(Goin' on)
Goin' on (goin' on) goin' on

I love you
I miss you
I'm sorry
Forgive me
(Won't you forgive me)
Believe me
(Believe me)
My lover
(My lover)
There never could be any other

(Goin' on)

Come be my
Awaken me beautiful dreamer
(Beautiful dreamer)
I love you
(I love you)
I miss you
(I miss you)
Things won't be the same till I'm with you


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