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Paroles de Open up

Interprétées par Bob Marley

They were looking for me when I came to
They were looking for me when I came back
Said hey you, you're looking very suspicious
I said relax man get off my back (X2)

[Chorus 1]
I, I, I ain't opposed to seeking justice
But you're going about it all wrong
The man you're looking for does not exist
He's just a figment of the higher man's tounge

[Chorus 2]
And they say
Open up we're comming inside
You can't run so you may as well hide
We got the place covered from head to toe, head to toe
Open up we're comming inside
What's it feel like to know you're going to die
On the other side of the row (X2)

So they took me down to the gallows
And this boy he say to me
Why do you smile when the rope's around your neck
I said I tell you boy when I get back (X2)

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Hands above your head
Que le via bien
Step out of line we'll and fill you with lead

How are we to know that your not a liar
Don't you see whe have a job to do
And our job is the law
You fit the description of a criminal crosser
We believe that he is you and that is your flaw
That is your flaw... (X4)

[Chorus 2]

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