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Paroles de End Of The Road

Interprétées par Boyz II Men

Girl you know we belong together
Now I have no time for you
To be playing with my heart like this
Youíll be mine forever baby, you just see

We belong together
And you know that Iím right
Why do you play with my heart
Why do you play with my mind
Said weíd be forever
Said it would never die
How could you love me and leave me
And never say goodbye

When you kissed me last night
Without holding you tight
Girl each time I try I just break down and cry
Pain in my head
Oh Iíd rather be dead
Spinning around and around

1 - Although weíve come
To the end of the road
Still I canít let go
Itís unnatural, you belong to me
I belong to you

Come, to the end of the road
Still I canít let go
Itís unnatural, you belong to me
I belong to you

Girl I know you really love me
You just donít realize
Youíve never been there before
Itís only your first time

2 - Maybe Iíll forgive you
Maybe youíll try
We should be happy together
Forever you and I
If you love me again
Like you love me before
This time I want you to love me much more
This time is scarce, just come to my bed
And baby just donít let me down

Repeat 1

Girl Iím here for you
All those times at night
When you just hurt me
And just ran out with that other fella
Baby I knew about it, I just didnít care
You just donít understand
How much I love you do you, Iím here for you
Iím not out to just go out and cheat all night

[Repeat 2 while talking]

Just like you did, but baby thatís alright
Huh, I love you anyway
And Iím still going to be here for you
Until my dying day
Right now Iím just in so much pain again
Cause you wonít come back, will you
Just come back to me
Yes girl my heart is lonely
My heart hurts baby, I feel pain too
Baby please

[Repeat 1 till end of song]

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