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Paroles de Little Things

Interprétées par Boyz II Men

Little things mean a lot
Little things mean a lot

What I want is someone to give me the world
?? a smile and let me know you are my girl
And when I wanted fancy things
The watches, diamond rings
You gave me your hand, cuz only you can understand

1 - Little things mean a lot
Appreciate what you got
If you do, what you have, it forever will last
Don't sit around and wait
For all the great things in your life, sweetie
Little things mean, little things mean
Little things mean a lot

Givin' me the best doesn't mean givin' me happiness
I'll be satisfied with anything that comes close
I know ones that go for less
But if I do, I must confess
I won't take it if it's not from your heart

Sometimes we get wrapped up in all the fancy things
Don't expect life to be perfect
It don't come with static cling, oh no

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Little things...

(Wanya ad-libs)

Repeat 1 to fade

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