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Paroles de Lonely Heart

Interprétées par Boyz II Men

[Nichole] Mike?
[Michael] Yeah baby
[Nichole] It's over
[Michael] But how can you say that?
[Nichole] I'm sorry.... The love is gone
[Michael] No.. Please don't leave me
[Nichole] Don't feel bad
[Michael] But how can I not feel bad? I love you
[Nichole] But it's better this way
[Michael] No.. Don't leave... Please
[Nichole] But baby..

I never thought that it could be
You would turn and do this to me
I can't believe the love we had would, between us, merely fade away

You told me you'd never go away
And for me, you'd always be here
Now you tell me that something's wrong
And you must move on

[Boyz II Men]
1 - A lonely heart is what I'll be
If no one cares for me
Let me show you now, the way that it would be
If you were with me now

I can feel the love we share
When you say it's not there
Deep inside I know, that you still care
But I need you to show me now

I'm looking for a quiet place where love is free
And the dreams we share last eternally
I feel now that it's the time
So won't you please come over here

The closer and the closer I get to you
Gives me warmth to know that you'll stay around

[Boyz II Men]
So please keep your promise to me
And don't go, ooh

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