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Paroles de Under Pressure

Interprétées par Boyz II Men

[M. Bivins] Yo fellas
[Wanya] Yeah?
[M. Bivins] Yo man, why don't we do somethin' for the jeeps, ya know?
[Wanya] Yeah. Like what though?
[M. Bivins] Like some harmony over the Hip Hop tracks
[Wanya] Yeah, I'm with that
[M. Bivins] Check this out..

There's a girl I know who looks so fine
She really turns me on
My friends said I should, but it's takin' me too long
Everytime I get the nerve to call, she is never home
I leave another message and I sit here all alone
She's got me...

1 - Under pressure
Under pressure

So I got a chance to talk to her to see just where we stand
She felt the same about me, could I be her only man
I tried to let it out, we could have some fun
But before I got an answer, she said she had to run
It's got me...

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

[M. Bivins]
Wanna hear it?
Here it go...


[M. Bivins]
Yo, Rick
Right about here we need to bring it back to the hook

Repeat 1 to fade w/ad-libs

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