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Paroles de Melting Pot

Interprétées par Boyzone

take a pinch of one man
wrap him up in suntan
add a touch of blue blood
and a little bit of whatever you choose

curly black and blonde mix it up with love
and lets see if you lump it altogether
well you've got a recipe for a get along scene
oh what a beautiful dream if it could only come true you know you know

what we need is a great melting pot big enough to take the world
and all its got keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
turn out coffee coloured people by the score yeah, no

mick and lady faithful and everyone who's graceful
you know the living could be tasteful
as we should all get together in a mixing machine
yeah yeah yeah

the poorest and the wealthy weakest
and the healthy if you lump us all together well you gotta recipe for a get along scene
i'd better call up the queen it's only fair that she know you know you know

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