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Paroles de Love is

Interprétées par Brian Mcknight

[Vanessa Williams]
They say it's a river,
That circles the Earth
A beam of light shinin'
To the edge of the universe
It conquers all
It changes everything

They say it's a blessing
They say it's a gift
They say it's a miracle
And I believe that it is
It conquers all
But it's a mystery

[refrain 1]
Love breaks your heart
Love takes no less than everything
Love makes it hard
And it fades away so easily

In this world we've created
In this place that we live
In the blink of an eye babe,
The darkness slips in
Love lights the world
Unites the lovers for eternity

[refrain 2]
Love breaks the chains
Love aches for every one of us
Love takes the tears and pain
And it turns it into the beauty that remains

Look at this place
It was paradise
But now it's dying
I'll pray for love

I'll take my chances that it's not too late

[refrain 1]

[refrain 2]

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