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Paroles de So sorry

Interprétées par Brian Mcknight

For everytime you had go to sleep alone
For everytime I tried to rush you off the phone
For everytime I said something to make you cry
Now that all is said and done I cant deny

Im so sorry
For anything I might have done
And Im sorry
I never meant to hurt the only one
And Im sorry
That best laid plans sometimes fall through
For anything I might have done I apologize to you
For anything I might have done I apologize to you

For everytime I lied right to your face
And you knew it
For all the wasted time that we cannot replace
For everytime a discussion turned into an argument
We'd fight
How I wish that I could have it back tonight


To try and count your tears would be like standing in the rain
The weather's been bad for years for that I'll gladly take the blame
Now our two separate lives will never ever be the same
But I hope you can forgive me someday


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