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Paroles de Nerdy

Interprétées par Busted

It's always been up to your friends they'll make your mind up for you
The ppopularity's gone to your head but still
I don't ignore you

You ran for school election and I gave you my vote (and did you know)
My favourite pastime's poetry and yesterday I wrote

Just because I'm nerdy and my friends are thirty
Doesn't mean that I swing that way
If you've got complications and a reputation
Wouldn't want to get in your way but anyway

This morning you walked past my door just like a daydream but much more
I followed you round to the store and I was shell-shocked when I saw

You and your friends were smoking it
Always makes me choke (and did you know)
I'd do anything to have you but I wouldn't take a toke

You said my words were beautiful they almost made you cry
The markings on the wall were jaded I wonder why

Just because you're nerdy and your friends are thirty
Doesn't mean she wont swing you way
If she's got complications and a reputation
Go ahead and stand in her way but anyway

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