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Paroles de Why

Interprétées par Busted

Look at me up in the sky, I watch the world just pass me by
But my feelings give away, happening more everyday

Loving you would be so easy
Loving you would be so great

How can I try to explain your story never seems to stay the same
I'm out of touch and you're out of time
Just talk to me a while and joke about the things we used to see
It's so hard for me to smile

I've never felt so alone after all of this so much left lose
I've taken pieces home end I promise you I never meant to

How can I complain you story never seems to stay the same
Now I'm out of luck and your out of line
It's such a selfich compromise a self indulgent useless bunch of lies
I never thought you would believe

Hold me now but don't wake me up
Pull me down and then back up
All again for all to see
Low down whisper a guilty stare
Your stagnant beauty makes me glare
Silly games in the sun, in the sun

Loving you could be so easy
Loving you could be so great
Maybe a change will keep high
Stop me thinking and wondering why

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