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Paroles de The greatest reward

Interprétées par Céline Dion

So suddenly so strange
Life wakes you up
Things change
I've done my best
I've served my call
I thought I had it all

So suddenly so strong
My prejudice
Was gone
You needed me
I found my place
I'm different now
These days

Now the greatest reward
Is the light in your eyes
The sound of your voice
And the touch of your hand
You made me who I am

You trusted me to grow
I gave my heart
To show
There's nothing else
I cherish more
I stand by you
For sure

Now the greatest reward
Is the love that I can give
I'm here for you now
And for as long as I live
You made me who I am

So suddenly it's clear to me
Things change
Our future lies here and now
We made it through somehow


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